Well, My last week in Idaho was quite fun, overall. 
 I don’t remember if I blogged about Christmas… I think I did… but did I post pics? 
Grama-C and the loverly treat arrangement she put out to go with our mimosas
Heather, modelling her gift from me, Hat and beard. She’s spent the past weeks showing it to everybody!


Hit up Pine Flats hot springs one night.(took the camers but it was too dark and the flash only showed mist)
Got to experience a very strange driving phenominon on the way back.  It had snowed while we were off the road, and being a faily low traffic area we had first tracks… Which sounds cool, but when it’s snowing hard, with big flakes, and you’re getting that Startgate effect where you have trouble focusing past the snow because having it fly past you in a tunnel like effect is so mesmerizing….Yeah, it’s creepy because without tracks from other cars to give me point of reference, it felt like i wasn’t moving. if i had been on a long, wide, straight road, that would have been really cool. But I was on a narrow, winding mountain road with a cliff on one side and a precipice on the other. It was kinda scary! oh and my ABS is out because my snow chains caught and ripped the wire loose. It took all of 3 seconds for me to turn on 4wd when i hit the snow.
The next day, I had a run in with Drew Barrymore While having lunch with a new friend at Bar Gernika, a Basque restaurant in downtown Boise. Awesome food, by the way.
Later that night, we had an awesome Sushi Night with Heather, Nick, John and Adam (I forgot the camera…. sorry)… Ate Way too much Sushi while the doggies played.
I felt like you do after thanksgiving…fluffy tummy… but less sleepy. 
I got the fish from a market in town, the fresh Ahi arrived there a few minutes before i did. it must have been meant to be. They even had some of my favorite sushi items, wasabi tobiko, escolar, seaweed salad… i could have easily spent far more than I did! 
We also invented some saki drinks cocktails. we mixed Saki with some of Nick’s amazing homemade Ginger Beer (not for kids) awesome. Then we tried it with the pineapple infused saki i made. YUM.
Next day, Heather and I had a friend date and saw the Muppet movie. it was fantastic. It did make me miss puppeting… I would love to be a proppeteer for muppets! make and control the tertiary puppets… like the talking  vegetables in the sweedish chef’s kitchen or things like the eyeball fungus on the walls of the Labyrinth…. How fun would that be?! maybe one day… 
Anyhoo.. We followed the movie with a shared stuffed crepe and italian soda across the way then went on a search to find the perfect yarn for my beard. I’ll post the pics when it’s done…
(Heather’s wearing hers above)
Met up with some friends for a beer and a snack, but only hing out for a bit before we all decided we were tired and parted ways…
I went home and packed up my stuff to tetris into the car in the morning. 
Of course, I woke up and it was raining…. ah well.. packed my stuff up and went to trash Nick’s kitchen one more time… 
I had a cake to bake… so I made 2, I mean how could I make Sick watch (and smell) me making this delicious dark chocolate and candied orangepeel cake and not let him try some?  plus we had a party to go to! what better way to get a group of culinary guinea pigs?  
Cake finished, we headed over to Jeremy’s for Poker night…. I can’t help but with my ex had been there…. not so much because i miss him… definitely not that. merely that… well… somehow, even tho he’s quite a good poker player, I always beat him.  I was first one out of the game this time…. twice.  but with the variety of excellent home brews and rare beers that our gracious host served, I would say, $10 is a very small price to pay for such a fun night! and besides, i got knocked out of the game on good hands, one was 2 pair, the other was a full house! I played well…. i think… 
Woke up this morning on Jeremy’s futon ready to roll. somehow, I am not hungover! WOO!
View of the game thru my beer… one of many delicious brews this evening.
Photographing photographers…. fun! not really sure what was going on here…
I’ve been on the road for a couple of hours and stopped for lunch. Next stop, Utah! New Year’s Bday party for the lovely Jess and a week of fun with some of my favorite people including my lil sis!
BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!  I need padding when i crash on skis! hahaha
The first of many ‘Drive By Shootings” to come… Crossing the Snake River.
More updates to come soon… and i have already started using my camera again so there will be visual stimulation as well!  

I’ve been away from my blog awhile now…
sorry.. been distracted!
I’ll post again soon… just been a bit of a weird week… and being that this blog is not so… anonymous… i’m not going to go into some of the details…. however…. the roadtrip will recommence on saturday and so will my posts and photos! maybe even starting with the festivities i am to attend tomorrow night 🙂

I had such a fun night last night! 
And wouldn’t ya know it… 
I was having too much fun to remember to pick up my camera.
 Heather and I went to my new friends’ graduation party at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. 
Very cool….. It’s a museum now… they do tours and such.
One of the twins who graduated, works there, so she was able to use the place for the party. She gave us all a tour in the dark. Awesome. The entire time, as we’re wandering the dark grounds with flashlights getting the cold weather cliffs notes version of the stories, (our host was freezing!) I kept thinking how I should have grabbed my camera ( the group was going out into the yard for the tour just as I was coming in from the car)
 The place is like a maze and I didn’t know how to get back to where the party was centered to grab it. Even if if I did, i wouldn’t be able find the group to meet back up with the tour, or I would have run for it real quick.
And I ran out of time or I would have gone back out to the yard with my camera after the tour. I know it sounds kind of weird, but wandering the old prison in the dark reminded me a little of playing sardines in dark churches in CPM. The eerie way the light comes in through the windows, creating shadows that play with your mind…. I love it, I wish I had been more motivated to get back out there after the tour… but it was awful cold out. and we had the white elephant gift exchange directly after we all came back in. 
The gift exchange was very entertaining. They way this group played is different from how I’ve always done it.
Instead of getting to choose a gift and keeping it wrapped until everyone has one, you unwrap it then the next person has the choice of taking your gift  or opening a new one. But if your gift is taken, you then get to air a grievance toward the person who took your gift. brings an interesting element to the game. 
The way I’ve always played with my family, is you choose a gift (incidentally we all  bring gag gifts), then the next person gets to take yours or another one, and so one… but you leave them wrapped until everyone has one then we open them one at a time from oldest to youngest. So all of the gift stealing is based solely on the wrapping. I always go all out on the wrapping and pretty ribbons to make the game more entertaining.
Anyhoo… I ended up getting a couple of ridiculous reality tv dvd’s. Ones that I really don’t think I’ll even consider watching regardless of how bored I may get. However… I am thinking I’ll bring them to the guide house this spring and leave them in the dvd player just to see the boys’ reactions to them. Fun for me!
Heather had me pick up her gag gift for her… and I wrapped it so she didn’t realized when she chose her own. It did have the exact effect I was hoping for tho. The gift was a bag of long balloons with a pump and instruction book on how to make balloon animals.
 She busted it out at the after party at a fun little dive bar we went to called Willy B’s and we all made inflatable critters while we drank delightful cocktails, like the Pretentious Caucasian (made with soy chai instead of milk, yum!), and hot buttered rum, and  took turns singing kareoke. 
My Christmas Eve has been kinda slow… Going to hang with a friend in a little while.
My roomies left for their family dinner… 
I wasnt really feeling up to someone else’s family chaos… I miss my own… 
While they’re gone, I’m decorating thw house! hehehe fun!
Merry Christmas!
So I haven’t been on here as much lately…. Mostly because I’ve been kind of boring of late… And well, I feel like I’d bore you with recounts of my days of lazing about on the computer and crocheting while watching Dr who re-runs online.
I did finally got my etsy.com store up and running! It is called InspirationVaries. (click on it to go there!) .. not much of my work on there just yet, but I do have the Beer Muffs available now, I encourage custom color requests (gives me direction)! I’ll be making some fancy ones in the next few days as well… found some pretty cool yarns for a really good price!    I will be updating the site soon with jewelery I’ve made and some of my hand painted silks… and eventually some note cards with my photography (I’d really like to do these on hand made paper… but that fancy might have to wait til spring when I’ll be  in one place long enough for paper pulp to dry. 
So far, I’ve sold about a dozen beer muffs! (thanks to some wonderful friends!) none through etsy yet, but i have paypal working now so that just makes it easier since it’s connected.  But the venue through which i sell them doesn’t so much matter, what matters is it adds to my small stack of gas money for the upcoming road trip! I am confident that I can get to everywhere I want to go… but it would be awfully nice to have a little extra for adding to the adventures… I am pretty good at living on the cheap… and living well at that… but somethings you just have to shell out a little chunk for.
For example, I am meeting my good friend Trevor in Las Vegas in a few weeks. Originally, the plan was to pick him up in California… but we wanted to camp one night on the rim of the Grand Canyon so we decided in the interest of having more time to play before I have to get him to school in DC, he’s flying to Vegas (which i would have to drive through anyway to get to him). Initially, we had some really extravagant plans…just for one night…  We were going to get all sorts of dolled up, get tickets to Cirque du Soleil. Go out for Dinner at some big fancy restaurant, then wander the shops and try on outrageously expensive jewelery. Later we would stand around the game tables (I envisioned crapps) whilst drinking from martini glasses…. Overall we wanted to be as pretentious as we possibly could. It was even suggested by one friend that Trevor wear a top hat and monacle. (which we both agreed would be a fabulous idea) 
But then I re-calculated the cost of gas…. and while we could probably pull it off… we would have to live off of ramen noodles for the rest of the trip. So… We’re still going to be pretentious. but we’ll probably share an appetizer at the fancy restaurant. go see all of the free shows along the strip… still dress up and act silly… and of course order drinks in the casinos that come in martini glasses. but we’re going to do it as cheaply as we can. and we’re going to have a blast with it! And you know I’ve been watching groupon for cheap tickets to cirque or half off dinner or something…. Regardless, it will be an adventure! Trevor is predicting us getting arrested…
While I’m sure we’re capable of it, I’m inclined to think there are going to be others around that will be far more rowdy than us… At least I hope so! (mom, be ready…just in case… hopefully they’ll take bail via debit by phone, it only makes sense that they would in Vegas) 
“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” not this time… I plan to blog about it. 
Oh, and the camera is very durable…and waterproof. 
 On another note. I did mention an Ugly sweater party the other night… I am proud to say, i was told many times that I may have won the contest with my creation. You want ugly? I’ll give you ugly…
I know, not a frontal photo of the sweater… but I’m busy sampling Amber’s schweddy holiday balls .  
 Well tomorrow is a day of finishing up my Christmas present project and hopefully not nursing sickness. My poor roomie has been sick for the past week, she’s finally feeling better now.
I’ve had a aireborne every  now and again and I thought that I had made it through scott free…. 
But I’ve got the beginnings of an ominous sinus headache. 
I’ve pounded another airborne, taken some zicam now I’m off to bed at a semi-reasonable hour for the first time in a while. 

In the never ending quest to fund my adventures, I jumped at the opportunity to work the “Famous Idaho Potato Bowl” yesterday, (formerly known as the Humanitarian bowl).

Yes, your favorite nomad, dressed as a potato was launched from a giant potato gun across the blue turf of the Boise State University football field and onto a giant piece of foil in which I was then wrapped and carried off the field to be baked.

Don’t worry! I got away!

No…no… nothing so exciting as all that… I merely sold t-shirts and ridiculous foam potato hats and other such official schwagg in the fancy tent village behind the stadium.

I was, however, allowed to partake of a wonderful baked potato bar in the tent next to mine. The ladies running it were very nice and let us come in to warm up and mooch food and hot cocoa all day.

From our vantage point, we could see… none of the game.  I, myself was not really interested. however it would have been nice to know what all the yelling was about…. my view was of the back row of the Ohio University marching band, so, the tubas. they were really fun to watch, at one point one of them slipped because he was just rockin’ out so hard and we thought he was going down… but he recovered gracefully and continued to play. It made me miss the days of hanging with all the great band geeks in high school… I never played in band, but those kids were fun!.
I do know that in the last 34 seconds of the game OU beat UT State by one point. but I could see the scoreboard from my spot. None the less, I had a lot of fun modelling and selling the game day schwagg with the ladies I was working with, my Heather, and then Amber (a little story about her in a minute) and Megan.

Balloons escaping following the National anthem…
I couldn’t help but think, ‘this is sponsored by  a farming organization…
and how much litter did they just launch over their state?’

View across the merch table into the tent village… those yellow sweatshirts were still hard to sell after they went down 50% in price. yeah… whoever thought ordering hundreds of mustard yellow hoodies was a good idea… was wrong. 

Our lovely view of the back of the bleachers… can you tell which tuba player is into it? 

So Amber, in her 20’s had never gotten to experience Christmas as most of us remember it…She grew up as a Jehova’s witness so no celebrations growing up. (I met her for the first time when I visited Boise in June, we got along quite well but didn’t keep in touch or anything)

Anyhoo, so she recently decided that she wanted to experience holidays like most kids. She dressed up as peacock for Halloween, decorated a tree, hung up lights…

Well about a month ago her friends decided it was time she get to know what it’s like to be a kid on Christmas morning. So they conspired and schemed… and everyone went out and got her a gift. (when I heard about the plan, I thought it was such a cool thing to do, couldn’t resist making her a beer muff to add to the pile of presents.) The pile of gifts was dropped off with Amber’s roommate Friday night and while she slept, he played Santa Claus and arranged them all underneath the tree for her to find the next morning.
I guess he’s been kicking himself for not videoing her opening all of her presents, as she was jumping up and down, dancing around… Just like a little kid on Christmas.

Yesterday morning before we went to the game, she had already posted pictures and thank you’s on facebook.
After the Game, when Heather and I dropped her off at her house, she brought us in to show off her pile of loot and gush about her wonderful friends.
How freakin cool is that!? I’m so glad I got to be part of it. even if it was only in a small way.

I hope she doesn’t mind my sharing that on here… But it’s the one time I’ve really felt Christmassy this year…

 I’m not feeling the normal festive spirit that I used to get… the past few years have been like that…. maybe it’s the lack of being home for the holidays… or the lack of ability to go out and get gifts for my loved ones… altho, I really don’t like giving gifts when it’s expected. I like surprises.  I much prefer to surprise others with gifts, for example, if it’s august and I find something that reminds me of you, that I know you’ll love and appreciate, (and I have the cash at the time) I’m probably just going to go ahead and get it for you. and sure, I could save it until Christmas… but if I’m likely to see you before then.. I probably won’t wait.  the occasion is I thought of you and felt you needed to have it, nothing else. And you absolutely do NOT need to feel obligated to give me anything in return… except maybe a hug… I like hugs.

I missed Thanksgiving this year…
I mean, sure I had turkey and stuffing and mashatatoes… cranberry and pies… and i had people around… but the thing was, i was working, i was camp chef  at a hunting outfitter in Montana. The people that were around, were clients… and the 3 guides  that worked there. … I don’t know them, not really… they were nice fellas and all… but it was me cooking all day, by myself,  at camp, they come in at lunch, leave again, then go back out, and come back and have dinner after dark. And all the while, I was alone. and what’s more, is I was planning on making a run into town to call the family, but i lost my phone the day before. so I couldn’t even have thanksgiving conversations over the phone. it was lonely….
I enjoy traveling on my own… I loved my drive out to Montana this fall, just me and my dog. i love knowing that if I want to stop and see something, I can. If i need a bathroom break, I don’t have to fight anyone to get it.  But then… i have the road and my music or audio book to occupy my conscious mind… If i need someone to talk back to me (my dog’s not much of a conversationalist) I can put my earpiece in and call someone.
But to be somewhere so cool as southern Montana… all by yourself…. it’s lonely.  The first 2 weeks were fine… no problem… get up, make breakfast, go back to sleep. get up a couple hours later, play with the dog, take a hike, whatever… make lunch…hunters come back and eat, then take a nap… i go do.. whatever, a hike, read a book… play with Shelby… Hunters go back out for the evening, i prep dinner, go play for a bit… make dinner, have it ready by dark, hunters come back, eat, hang out a while, go to bed… i do dishes and go to bed. toward the end of my month there… i got lonely… i got bored… i got fed up.  i would prep everything for dinner after breakfast… have lunch ready, and as soon as everyone had eaten… i would “have to run an errand in town” and i would go hang out at a coffee shop… too bad i didn’t think to start a blog sooner…there’s a bunch of pics from Montana i haven’t even got up on facebook yet… i’ll go thru and post a couple tonite…

Shelby snoozin in her bed under my cot…

Watching the incoming storm from camp in Paradise Valley, Montana

Last week of camp was pretty successful hunting…
i kept catching my dog trying to get away with a souviner

This is what happens when i get bored… weird things happen…day before thanksgiving. 

First snow of the season just getting started.

my office

some of the fellas sighting in their guns…
notice, my dog is not on the picture…
she’s hiding under the  bed. 

The saving grace for my lonely feelings at camp was found (altho not yet realized) the night before i started working at camp, I stayed at the backpacker’s hostel in Bozeman and made friends with the manager there… my weekend ritual quickly became go and hang with him on my night off and swap travel stories , get some food, maybe watch a movie… it was really nice. i made a good friend there i believe, and i intend to keep in touch… he’s hopping a plane to London for a few months around the time my road trip recommences at the start of the year…we’ll have to meet up sometime and swap more stories and photos…
I’m currently signed on to work hunting camp again next fall… but I don’t know if i really want to… there’s been talk of Africa… and that sounds awfully appealing…. and I wouldn’t have to give up Gauley season for Africa… but i’m still unsure… leaning toward new adventures tho…

My out of camp hideaway… Bozeman Backpacker Hostel.
I highly recommend it.

me and my hostel friend… 

well… that was a tangent i hadn’t originally planned when i decided to blog tonite…

i guess stories of the ugly sweater party.. and maybe some pics of it might come tomorrow… but i’m sleepy and for some reason it’s suddenly 3am… funny thing about conversations…. i started this post at a reasonable hour… then my lovely friend called me on skype and we talked and crocheted together over the jetson’s phone. an hour and a half later… i’m on a tangent… go figure.

hope all’s well in your world! thanks for joining me in mine!
good ni… morning. 🙂

so… i havent posted in a couple days cuz… welll… nothing’s been going on really…
lots of watching dr who and crocheting beermuffs…. a few deliveries… thats about it…

guy in charge of foodto you called me yesterday, told me i will have priority when it comes to choice of shifts because i’m reliable. now, while i try to be reliable as much as possible when i am doing a job… i ahvent told him yet about my roadtrip… that was the whole deal with the temp job was i have to keep my excitement for january contained… for the interview… i kinda feel bad, but being scheduled for 6 days a week hasnt been doing me really any good… i think ive made 8 deliveries in the last 7 days… and today i was on and never got a call. i’m just going to write him an email tomorrow and let him know, hey, i’m done come dec 29th. thanks alot, i appreciate the attempt at giving me a bunch of work… but maybe going from 1 driver to 6 drivers was a little ambitious.
 it’s up to him if he replaces me when i leave… but being technically a private contractor, i’m hoping next time i’m in boise, if i need to make a couple bucks i can pick up a shift or two. and he’;s a really nice guy, i really hope things do pick up like he thinks they will!.
well, i dont have much else to say… i’m gonna crash because i have a one time gig that’s actually going  to pay me tomorrow… i’m selling merch at the big potato bowl, college football…. Ohio University vs Utah State… i made lots of beermuffs for both sides.. hopefully i can sell them and make even more cash!

oh and i am getting really excited about the roadtrip! i was talking to my travel buddy… we’re going to meet in vegas to save some mileage and add days to the fun without having to backtrack.. this cuts out cali for me… but thats okay… it’ll save us some extra cash which we decided to use as a splurge to go see cirque du soleil!yay!
we’re gonna get all dressed up and go to the show then spend the rest of the night being pretentious. should be fun! hopefully i can find affordable doggy daycare while we’re there. there  are some that are outrageous! each doggie suite has high def color tv with cable… dude its nuts. i love my dog, but she doesnt need that silliness! just feed her, walk her, let her run in the enclosure… she’s good to go! $40 a night for dog boarding… astounding

i’ll leave you with memories of an adventure which i will describe some other time because i’m sleepy now… 

my travel buddy and me relaxing with a couple beers after setting anchors and hanging my hammock between the undercuts in Canyon Doors on the Lower Gauley River, WV
So yesterday I got caught up in memories and said nothing about my day… lately… this really wouldn’t be a big deal, but I actually got to be part of something pretty darn cool. 
There was an event yesterday that had been in the works for some time, a wrap party. 
This party was held, and hundreds showed up to wrap Christmas presents for local families in need. 
For the past month or so the donated gifts have been gathered and split up by family just waiting to get the icing added to the cake. 
Walk in and there are a ton of people all over the room, decorative paper and ribbon everywhere, bows stuck to peoples’ heads. Everyone is laughing and carrying on while taking care of families who don’t even know whats coming. Against one wall is a beautiful turquoise bicycle, leather seat, carrying rack, shiny fender with a big red bow.  We wrapped loads of toys an games, clothes and shoes. Everything picked out special for someone who needs it. 
Cookies and hot cocoa were donated by the coffee shop next door, a cash bar set up in the corner. And once the work was done, gifts wrapped and ribbon’d, piles of gifts stacked in the balcony, sorted by family, A local band, The Naughtys, took the stage to continue the festivities for everyone doing something nice.  

Well… thats a wrap for yesterday. today, I really didn’t do anything worth mentioning… 
except for cooking up some carnitas… yum!  

You thought I was joking when I called him a clown, didn’t you?
Uncle Ralph performing clown communion.

The Clown Communion skit was incredibly powerful, even those without faith couldn’t help but being moved by it.
It starts with the puppets singing “Worlds Apart” by Jars of Clay (this was particularly powerful song for us as it was my cousin Patrick’s idea to use it for the puppets and he died shortly after.) The song ending segues into the pantomimed betrayal and crucifixion of Christ,  performed by the clowns. Uncle Ralph brings the loaf forward, wrapped in a tie-dyed napkin, presenting it as a baby (inevitably we would hear though the puppet stage curtains, a child’s voice say something like “that’s not a baby, that’s a bread!”) Other clowns come forward then, bringing the cross and the crown, the loaf would then be placed upon the cross and crowned with thorns. The loaf would be removed and placed upon the altar, and the cross “poured” into the pitcher to be transferred to the challis, symbolizing the blood. Following this, the blessing would be made and an invitation extended to EVERYONE (this is not the norm in all churches) to come to the Lord’s table.

to enlighten:

In 1984 Uncle Ralph started Cleveland Praise Ministry as an outreach to inner city youth. It was a non denominational christian performance group that traveled from church to church to present a new form of a traditional church service. All of the elements (sermon, praise, benediction, etc) were taught using contemporary christian music. Clown and puppet skits acting out the stories from songs, interpretive sign language to acapella music, each of us signing for a different voice. CPM toured all over the eastern USA.  Most of us nieces and nephews got to be part of the group for at least a little while, as a result, I’m pretty close with some of my cousins. I was a puppeteer, propeteer and a signer for about 8 years, from 7th grade, on… going to the events i could make while in college. In 2004, the group dibanded (not without trying to keep it going) when uncle Ralph felt called in other directions. He passed away a few years later…. He was the Glue of CPM. we still get together for reunion performances every now and again at my cousin’s church, her husband, also a CPMer, is now a Pastor. 
puppets performing “Shine” by the Newsboys with one of my flashier props…

CPM signers…. judging by who’s where, i’d say  the song is “You Lift Me Up”
… regardless,  i know we’re in the chorus because we’re all doing the same sign.

While I am no longer active in the church… There will always be a very special place in my heart for CPM.  So many fond memories throughout the course of my adolescent life. We traveled to churched within 4 hours to perform at least once a month and in the summers we did 2 week tours(any longer and things got ugly, afterall we were mostly teenagers… and family).  I got the opportunity to tour with CPM to Altanta, Ga,  to Baltimore, Md (twice!), to New York City, and everywhere in between! The NYC tour was probably the most powerful to me, being able to bring something positive to the community in NYC in the summer of 2002 was absolutely amazing. My favorite, I think was the workshop we did in Harlem after performing. We got to teach kids to sign a song, to control the puppets,  and we painted their faces. We, and they, had a blast!
There are far too many stories to recount in a sitting… more memories than I can count,
and bonds of friendship that will last forever.

 Between CPM and my parents’ love for travel, it’s no wonder my sister and I are nomads. 

i currently lack short term motivation.
i have every intention of going to bed at a reasonable hour… then find myself on the computer til 3 in the morning or later. this of course results in my sleeping late.
i feel tired all the time… i need to do something active… i wish i had packed my rollerblades… i could take my Shelby for a roll… she pulls me a couple miles at full sprint, then when she gets tired, i pull her back home. good workout for both of us.

i’m so excited for this road trip coming up… i’m trying my damnedest to save my money for it. i know i can make it everywhere i’ve planned, at least i think i can, but i’m really hoping to be able to be financially comfortable for the trip too! i’m going to try a temp agency tomorrow i think, hopefully get some work right quick to pad my pockets a little.  … i hate money. it’s a real shame that silly little slips of paper and chunks of nickel can rule our lives. i have successfully managed to be quite low stress about it lately, but it’s still on my mind.

the sofa i am currently sitting on… while not the prettiest in the world (i think its pretty cool, myself) is uber comfortable…. i really want to curl up and take a nap… but i’m in  a coffee shop between deliveries. (not that being in a coffee shop has always stopped me from curling up for a nap) well potentially between deliveries. i’m not holding my breath.  i know, i know, yeah, i’m still doing this stupid delivery thing that i whined about last night…. but i’m only here another 2 or so weeks… i may as well keep it for now… until i find something better anyway…. (which will be anything that pays me more that $20 a night)

so there is a cute girl sitting in the easy chair next to me… a guy just walked over to talk to her, his ice breaker, “excuse me, are you studying theology?”     i couldn’t help but think that this was an awfully creative pickup line…. incidentally, this is the 3rd guy who’s come over to talk to her in the half hour that i’ve been here.   i’ve made a friendly comment here and there… i cant help but think that she might suspect that i’m hitting on her too… Boise does have a very relaxed view on the gay community, and i am sitting here in jeans, shearling booties and a slightly large wva adventures shirt with my very short messy hair and no makeup…. no doubt i’m looking a little butch. haha

my adventures of late have been a bit tame… i think a run to some hot springs while to moon is large is in order….maybe tomorrow… i’m not on the schedule to hurry up and wait tomorrow…. rest assured, i will take my camera… and maybe a bag o wine….

here’s a fond memory to tide you over til next time…

 i had the opportunity to take my little sister on a trip down the Cheat canyon this summer. generally, the river is dry by the end of May… not entirely, but enough so you don’t really want to take rafts down because well… carrying a raft over wet rocks for more than the distance from the river bank to the water is kinda not so fun.
ANYHOO… we had a wonderfully long season this year and in July my sister came to Albright (northern wva) to play on her way  back to the New and Gauley in southern wva (where i would be joining her a week later).  the water level was a beautiful level for surfing, around 2.3 feet. not terribly technical for the most part, a few spots where you definitely need to be on your game, but for the most part… surf city with play spots around every bend.

my sister, working the surf at the top of Decision rapid. 

the view upstream of a tributary which still has signs of the acid mine runoff that once made the cheat river sterile.
the orange rocks are coated in iron ore which seeped into the streams near the mines

we spent a lot of time surfing… too much maybe… at the bottom of a rapid (name escapes me at the moment) where we ran our raft up on the rock…. when i call a high side, i automatically yell get on the rock (customers then understand the first time that they need to go to the rock they never get out of the boat, they’re scared to.) my sister is a river guide, so when i said get on the rock, she did. completely. and the raft slid down and around the rock… leaving her sitting on a boulder in the middle of the river… in the fading light. being the end of the day, and having learned that R-2ing with my sister was probably not my best idea ever…. i considered leaving her there. but there is an eddy just down stream and it didn’t take us long to get her back to the boat… incidentally, it did result in a swim for her… common sense left her for a moment and the river gods took a taste. haha

this guy, my good buddy, with whom i work with on the canyon, paddled with us that day, he was in a duckie (inflatable kayak) this is him preparing for the worst while my sister sits on the rock waiting for us to tell her the plan of action.

we made it down the river, although the final few rapids, all class II mostly shallow shoals we did in near total darkness… i ran by the very faintly visible contrast of whitewater against black, and by the sound of the ripples breaking against the rocks. my sister paddled the duckie behind us, we decided it was time to break up the band, she can’t follow directions from me… hehehe… weird.

have i mentioned that i HATE this driver thing? probably not yet with this vehemence.
yeah SHIT SHOW would be the best descriptor for the evening i’ve had. 2 deliveries, the first of which on the completely other side of town from where i was (that couldn’t be helped) i called to confirm the order, per protocol, they didn’t get it. call dispatch, they fax it again. a little while later i arrive at the restaurant, still no order. so i call dispatch again, they fax again…. no go. so i get the order myself from dispatch over the phone.  head out when food’s ready. mind you i google map the directions for every order, sent me to the wrong area entirely. finally find the place. (i’ve called the custy to inform them of the delay) guy is a total jerk. oh, AND i hadn’t been informed that it was a COD order. perfect.
immediately get another order, think to myself, ‘great!  i can make some money on this one, i know where it is, know where the apt is… good to go’ WRONG. get to the restaurant, food isn’t ready, i forgot to confirm the F!@*&# order. so i wait 20 minutes, food’s finally ready, drop it off… guy was understanding….
at this point i have decided for certain, this shit is a joke. NOT worth it at all. i don’t care, therefore this shouldn’t be stressful. F this. i’ll take 12 year old boy scouts down class V, in the snow, over this any day!

as i leave, i read 8:49 on my phone, i’m off at 9pm (little do i know, my phone reset its clock on me again, thankfully no more orders to deal with.)
…so i head back toward Heather’s, where until getting a delivery, i had been having a nice night.  need gas so i stop, takes me 4 trys to get the pump to work.
stop for fast food because my stomach is imploding, pull out of the parking lot in the direction i need to go, there’s a concrete margin blocking me getting on the right side of the road. i have to go 70 yards the wrong way in a one way to get out of the road. DUDE. GAME OVER. im not putting up with this anymore. i cant be bothered to work for a company that, A: isnt giving me any work, B: is causing me to spend as much in gas as i’m making, and C: can’t get it’s shit together. i should have gone to the mall for a job.

and here we are…. my fast food is kicking in… i’m no longer shaking with a combination of low blood sugar and rage… and its ACTUALLY after 9 now. thank God!  i’ll think of something more pleasant to tell you about tomorrow, i promise.

Luna Moth at the Guide House
(a nice memory of a stress free evening)