So… here goes, i guess.

I dont know how to blog.
I’ve thought about doing it for a while, its been suggested plenty of times, but I dont know… I just don’t really know what to say.

I carry a little leather book around in my purse, most would call it a journal, but I am REALLY inconsistent when it comes to writing in it. In fact, I’ve carried little notebooks around for years and thats always been the case. i love having one with me, i love knowing that if i have deep thoughts or poetic musings i can write them down in a place where i will be sure to find them later.  but i have this insecurity about actually writing in them. its as if i dont want to ruin the pretty little leather bound book with my innane thoughts and observations. i bought the thing for $0.40 cents WHO fahkin cares? yet still i hesitate to write in it….

So here we are… in a blogspace…. and im already babbling. its not as if i really think many people will read this. i mean certainly some of my friends and family; as they want to be supportive, and also maybe would like some insight into how i, a 27 year old with no specific direction, other than EVERY direction, actually ticks.

So a little background… I am a nomad. Not the i have no home kind of nomad… more the i like to travel and whether i can really afford it or not, im gonna do it… kind of nomad.  I have a home, in mid-western rural suburbia, a fantastic place to grow up or settle down, but at this juncture in my life, i refuse to do either. i mean where’s the fun in that? its too close to the norm.  i have friends and cousins my age and younger, getting married…having kids… and all i can think is, “I’m definitely not old enough for that!!”
My family is absolutely wonderful, i had a great childhood, awesome parents. and the longer i live the way i do, the more my friends who live in similar fashion distance themselves from unaccepting, or maybe just misunderstanding parents, the more i appreciate how accepting and supportive my parents are of my lifestyle and career choices.  i sometimes feel like my mom’s biggest problem with my travels is that i dont leave her grandpuppy with her enough….

How, one may ask, can a nomad have a career? doesn’t that kind of require you stay in one place? generally, yes, but not so much in my case.

 ~ insert bad joke: Q- how do you know there’s a raftguide at the party? A-they’ll tell you.~

Yep. i am a whitewater raft guide. class V in fact, the rivers i run are no joke.  And being as commercial rafting is a seasonal endeavor, it allows me to pursue my other interest on the off season. or i can find a river in another hemisphere to raft for their summer…. (i have yet to do this, but its on the list)
on the off season i try to find something challenging and new…. well at least new…. i have worked as a ballroom dance instructor, a sushi chef, machinist, chocolatier, camp chef at a hunting outfitter… i’ve skipped working all together in order to visit friends and play (this hurts a little financially, but is WAY worth it!)

anyway this blog is a way for me to journal my travels and allow those that know me, and really anyone who’s even vaguely interested to get an idea of what im up to… and see some of my photos.
for anyone who doesn’t know, some of my photos are merely snapshots… but many are from a more artsy perspective, i see things differently than most and i attempt to capture the way i see things and the way a moment feels to me with minimum editing. i may adjust lighting or exposure a bit, or i might tweak the saturation of the color, but i dont cut pictures other that cropping and i dont paste anything into them. eventually i want to be able to sell some of them, whether it be in a gallery or just offline or whatever, so if something catches your eye and you would like a print, we can probably work something out!

so introduction was… long…. but hey if you read fast its not that long! hehehe
I’ve just come from Montana, i spent a month there working as a camp chef at a big game hunting outfitter.
 While there, I lived in a canvas wall tent with a woodfire stove in montana… in november…. it wasnt as rough as it sounds except the part where i had to have breakfast and coffee ready at 5am… but once the hunters left at 6 i just went back to bed so it worked out.  my dog LOVED living at camp, unlimited opportunity to run around, chase squirrels, chipmunks, black angus… yes, cows…. and she got to help me do the dishes, my dog gained weight…  i spent my saturday nights off hanging out with a friend who manages a hostel in town, the free time in the days basically curled up on a sofa in front of a fireplace in a coffeeshop with my computer in my lap, catching up with the world (there was no contact from the outside world in camp)

 Currently, i am in Boise, Idaho for a month. i’ve been here many a time, spent a winter here a couple years ago, ive got alot of friends here, one of who’m ive known since we were 2. This is a really great town with a TON of stuff going on, but it’s physically a very small city. it’s in a valley surrounded by rolling foothills with mountains in the distance. people are generally open and friendly. most people are motivated to go outside and play. there’s more whitewater in this state than anywhere else in the country ( i have yet to paddle any of it…grr)  there is great snow nearby for skiing and snowboarding, hotsprings not too far in a few directions out of town… lots of hiking, biking, etc. there is art and theater, heck, boise even has a ballet, an opera, galleries all over the place… basically, a pretty cool place.  at this point, its my secondary home base.
I’ve just gotten a job, (technically i’m an independent contractor) for a food delivery service, it works with dozens of restaurants in the area, delivering to homes and businesses.    -not so challenging…i know… but i’m leaving for a road trip in a month, and if i get a job with the first interview, im not playing that game anymore. so i win!  hehehe
anyhoo, that starts in a couple days, until then, im wandering about trying not to spend money.  i will (hopefully) get some of my recent pictures up on here in the next few days, with some captions and whatnot… but first i have to figure out how this whole thing works.

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