holy poo! 21 people have looked at this already! i feel special!

so ive thought about this blogging thing and i don’t want to bore people with the every detail of my life… altho i  also dont want to leave out interesting details…. a conundrum.

 i talk too much about myself i’ve decided.  this is a good venue for such things i figure, because if you get bored you can just leave the page and i wont know the difference.

so thursday i found a job, then instead of filling out more applications the pooch and i went for a hike.
later, heather and i went wandering around Boise, it was first thursday where all sorts of bars, restaurants and artists have fun stuff going on, free wine, snacks, etc… good times! ; Then we chose specific places.
on thursdays at Pengilly’s saloon (bar?/pup? i dunno) one of my favorite spots, a band called the frim fram four play, they’re a 4 piece jazz band, play alot of standards, just really fun, chill atmosphere! anyway, heather and i went out to enjoy the evening and and along with becoming reacquainted with lots of lovely people ive met once or twice before, i made some new friends too. following frim fram, we went to a tiny little dive where heather knew just about everyone, again many ive met before, and it was kareoke night. we proceded to make complete asses of ourselves, in the best possible way, and had a blast!

i spent most of yesterday doing mostly nothing. my justification being that well, if i don’t do much, i don’t spend money. (this i decide was stupid because i only have so much time here).. then i went to the grocery store… hungry… bad idea.  spent a little more that i would have liked to, but it’ll last a while so oh well. cheaper than eating out… made spaghetti squash with homemade pesto sauce… delicious. i’m so modest.
 i went out around 10 to hang out with a guy i met at pengilly’s the night before.~
who knew an guy would not play games and actually call the next day? weird. nice.~
so we met up for a beer and chatted for a few hours closed that bar down, went next door,  had another beer, a chocolate porter… cant remember the name of it but YUM!  hung out, chatting for a while closed that bar down. incidentally the bartenders at both bars, no joke, identical twins. the bartender at the second used to tend bar at the spot a block from my house when i lived here 2 years ago.  he referred to his brother next door as an old man when we told him his brother had kicked us out.  it was funny… to me anyway….    my new friend and i hung out a while longer after the bars closed, maoed on some pitapit and watched some dexter at his place. dont let your imaginations run wild, nothing happened. we just both dozed off on the sofa and i woke up at 4.30am and went home. how stupid would it be for me to let anything romantic start when im leaving in a couple weeks?  yeah but i’ve got a very nice new friend 🙂

today i obviously slept til noon.  got up and went with Anna over to her friend Kim’s here we had too much french dips and french onion soup DELICIOUS! and just the right amount of mimosas yummy too! we all went out for a little while to watch the BSU game, the bar was all folks 60s and over, and with 8 minutes remaining in the first half it was BSU 27-0 yeah… Anna and I bailed. chill evening hanging out, and here we are…
well, im going out to see a band in a bit with my friend Patrick, i think…. so yeah, i know this has been very illuminating and again i was talking about myself too much.  oh and if you were wondering,  the realization (not the first time ive had it btw) came more from the fact that i really don’t know all that much about my new friend… i mean, i know a bit, but not as much as i think he now knows about me. i think the whole answer the same questions about myself day after day thing (part of being a raft guide) gets a person into the habit of babbling on and on about themself.  i really should post some recent pics… perhaps ill put a few up now.. enjoy!

*just putting a couple very recent ones up now, but i’ll go thru and post a link to the entirety of my “VICARIOUSLY THRU ME” artsy series once i get it uploaded to a photo friendly website. i’m over facebook photo uploader freezing nonsense

i will however share with you the chronological progression of an awe-inspiring sunset i watched as i drove across idaho on tuesday.

the cool  yet annoying thing about sunsets is that no matter how incredible they look in the photo, it never comes close to how amazing it was in real life.  none the less, check these out! it was… wow.

these do it no justice i tell you! the sky was ON FIRE!
 i would not have been the least bit surprised to find out a volcano had erupted nearby that night. 

i pulled over a few times to take pics, that’s how pretty it was, i stretched out the 7 hour drive for it!

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  1. Very cool pictures of the sunset. I agree pics can never quite compare but it’s a good compromise. I wished I could have taken better pics than I got to of the sunrise from the airplane. I like the skies here a lot. There are usually very nice colors.

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