hurry up and wait! hurry up and wait!  so this delivery thing…
i dunno man…  5  hours, 2 deliveries…. sure its wednesday… but really? THATS IT? so i made $10 plus $17 in tips.  grerrrrAAARRRRGH! yeah not gonna sustain me til my roadtrip. good thing i have that bowl game gig coming up… but still i need to find an additional income suppliment…

WHO WANTS A BEER MUFF?? $15 each (12 oz size, also available in 22 or 40 oz sizes!), hand made by yours truly! custom colors are encouraged! they make great gifts! and i will be happy to work out a quantity discount!  shipping by christmas might even be possible! i can work on these while im in the waiting portion of my job. please?  i can make matching hats to go with! and i have paypal.. .id just have to figure out how to use it for this!

ergh… im supposed to meet some friends for 2 for 1 margaritas… but i think my budget may be telling me to take a raincheck… thats okay  i’ll feed my misfits addiction and make more beermuffs so next time we go out we can use them and hopefully sell some.

my temporary roomate, anna’s crazy bitches…

maybe ill post some more recently past adventures photos and pics tonite…   see ya soon!

on another note… a good friend and i are considering a trip to Africa next year, hopefully work a river while there, leaning toward Uganda, if you’ve been there and/or have any potentially helpful advice, please, by all means, share!

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  1. you have no idea… i should have grabbed my camera when it happened… the dogs were playing with the next door neighbor’s dog thru the fence and knocked a board loose… zoe must have stuck her head thru it before it fell all the way down because i found her with her head caught in the fence today trapped in the doggies stocks!
    it took me a few minutes to get her free…. it was pretty hilarious. again i wish i’d have thought to take a picture before i got her out!

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