i had another day of hanging around being a minimally productive lounge lizard then around 3pm i was asked to go on a hike, “YES!” i thought, something to do! 
 – i know what you’re thinking, get off your ass and do something, you don’t need to wait for someone else!- while i agree with that…i’m currently feeling a little less than motivated. you see, everything that i enjoy doing out of the house on my own; eg: exploring shops and galleries around town, going to a movie, hitting the rock gym, taking a yoga class or dance lesson; ends up requiring money, if i go out, i’m going to end up smelling something delicious and wanting to try it or i’m gonna get thirsty and buy a drink.  it isn’t that i’m not willing to spend money, but i’m trying to be good and save it this month so i can hit every stop on my list for the road trip.  
WOW that sucks. it sounds incredibly lame. that is not living as i like to live. 
okay so on second thought, it’s only 11:30 on friday night and i work at 4pm tomorrow… i think im gonna go out anyway.
so forget what i was going to say about feeling unmotivated and sleepy, i’m going to push through it and have some fun… after all, i’m really not a big drinker, i can go hang out and be DD. 
before i go, yes, i know hiking, biking, etc is free, but i only enjoy hikes and biking as a social activity. i take my dog occasionally on a hike by myself because i feel guilty for not being more active and playing with her as much lately.  i love hiking with friends… but i have no reason not to turn around immediately when i get cold if i go alone. and biking, if  not social, for me is just a form of transportation (and mountain biking scares the hell out of me).  i know, lame.
so anyway my friend texts to ask if i want to take a hike, “yes!” i say,  to receive the response, “be there in a few” over an hour later he finally shows up…. after a little poo talking we’re on our way.  
we hiked a ridge line over looking Boise, my dog is having a blast running thru the sagebrush…. the sun set to our right, the sky turning colors. to the left, the full moon rose simultaneously. 
beautiful!  it got cold quick as it got dark so we made a beeline back to the car. 
afterwards, pat and i went for some dinner in hyde park, some delicious fish n chips and a huckleberry porter for me, YUM!  along with some fun conversation and very entertaining people watching. 
anyway… im not going to keep you, or me for that matter…
below are some pics so you can enjoy the hike “Vicarously Thru Me” 
also,  ive been drooling over some really cool pics of people playing with the moon lately,  wanting the chance to emulate them… this being my first try i think i did okay! tell me what you think. 

i wrote this portion this morning and forgot to post it…. written rant

so i mean this is the modest modest possible way,

 i’m not bragging.. merely bringing up something that’s been on my mind:
 it has been my semi-regular (every few months or so) experience of late to run into and/or speak to someone on facebook, who i haven’t seen in a very long time.. and one way or another, it comes to light that this person had a thing for me, way back when. 
while this is VERY flattering.. it’s a little disconcerting. and whats weird is, on a few occasions, they are someone i had a crush on within the same time span, and i recall making efforts to convey my feelings… only to be denied or misunderstood. which is retrospectively frustrating.
i have tried once or twice in my days, to reconnect with past crushes to find myself denied for one reason or another. there are a few things i’ve learned by experiencing this from both angles…
unasked for romantic advice from a single-by-choice chick:
look kids, playing games and sending subtle signals with someone you care about is silly. if you care for someone, find a way to tell them. but don’t be pushy about it!
be prepared for the possibility that they may not feel the same way. you cant ever know for sure if you don’t give it a shot.  
this being said, if you are let down, hounding that person is not going to make them change their mind. if they say they want to be friends, then BE THEIR FRIEND. if they dont even want to be friends, they’ll just say no.
dont let it get you down, feelings evolve, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance ever. it means they are not interested in romance with you but they care enough about you to continue spending time with you. do NOT take that for granted!! friendship is the most important thing in the world! friends are the family we get to choose! don’t let something silly like an unrequited crush get you down. you still get to have that wonderful person in your life! and who knows, maybe somewhere down the line… maybe the tables will turn. maybe they’ll realize you are the person for them. but be patient, right now, your crush needs a friend be one! FRIENDS ARE INVALUABLE. 
oh.. and just because something may have happened in the past, a kiss or whatever, it does’t entitle you to a repeat… so don’t get bent out of shape if it doesn’t happen. acting entitled is a major turn off… there is a  difference between entitlement and confidence. don’t confuse them. 
if anyone who knows me personally reads this and thinks its about them…  i’m not talking about you specifically, but maybe a little personal exploration on the subject isn’t a bad idea. i wouldn’t have written this if i hadn’t learned it the hard way. 

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  1. thanks ladies! at first i wanted to get her to bite the moon.. but i couldn’t get the shot to snap fast enough… and it’s terribly difficult to get a dog to yawn on command… it was hard enough conveying to Patrick what i wanted him to do! it was fun, and with as big as the moon is lately, and the timing of its rising… i think i’ll have more opportunities to go for more!

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