personal quote of the day:
“money is a shitty excuse not to do something that will make you happy.”

i’m going to continue to live by this.

“when are you gonna get a real job??” they ask.
NEVER! and besides… it may not be the norm, but honestly, unless you’re in the medical profession; on a daily basis, how many people put their lives in your hands? yeah, i’m looking at 4 to 10 every day on the river. and that’s not including the other boats on the trip. real job my ass.

i love my life, sure, occasionally i get stressed about cash, but really, its not very important to me.
as long as my dog gets to eat, ill make it work.
I have added an official destination on the road trip!!  i’m going to see my lovely cousin/one of my best friends in Massachusetts. this means also, that i will get to visit a few other wonderful people in that area, because hell if i’m only an hour or so away, why not!?  AND like i said, money is a lousy reason not to go! i mean from DC, its about the same distance home as it is to Boston, if i need to, ill get a temp job in New England for a week to make my way home!
boy, this is fun!
refusing to allow oneself to worry about trivial things is VERY satisfying. i highly recommend it!

so this temp gig, the food delivery thing… kinda lame, i mean, don’t lazy people eat on thursdays? i’ve been on call since 4pm, it is now 7.45 and i have yet to make a delivery. boss-man type dude texted me a few minutes ago to acknowledge that i’m probably going nuts right now and say hes working on things to get us more orders….hope it works! i’m looking for other work too… odd jobs and whatnot since i’m leaving in a few short weeks.
so how this works is i get a text message from when there’s an order in my area, it tells me what restaurant and the name and address of where im taking it. pretty cool setup. but it’s a fickle beast and right now, she’s LAME! so i’ve been sitting here feeling quite popular but frustrated. i keep getting texts from people, we’re looking at like 6 or 7 different people in the past few hours who have texted me to say hi and every time, i’m like,”WOO! a delivery!” then its not. don’t get me wrong, i’m feeling very loved right now, but my hands are getting sore from crocheting beer muffs.. i’ve made 5 today! but i am starting to get fast! hopefully i get a delivery tonight… it would be nice to toss a few bucks in the pocket so i can have an almond croissant from the gallery/cafe dawn the street tomorrow… they are AMAZING! i don’t even like sweet stuff in the morning, but i make an exception for these.

okay, the irony of me bitching about lack of work after the intro is not lost on me. This gig is to sustain me financially while i’m here, i’m not looking to save up a nest egg… but it wouldn’t hurt to make a little cash just so i can play even more!

okay so i got distracted and am now publishing this… at 9pm… no deliveries tonite…. oh well… at least i’m no longer acting like a desperate teenager waiting by the phone in hopes of a prom date.  hehehe i’ll leave you with a photo from not too long ago…

view of a new friend thru my gimlet
(raw photo)

this is from last thursday at the kareoke bar… they had delightful little martini options where they give you a little glass and a shaker with 2 refills. for like $3 im a fan!

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  1. I don’t know why people don’t think you don’t have a real job. You have temporary jobs, but they’re not make believe lol. Besides you have freedom that many people in typical jobs don’t. As long as you can feed yourself and your dog and do the things you want to do, then you’re doing okay.

  2. most are people who either have never been rafting.. they don’t understand what it entails… others don’t respect the power of water enough to realize that you have to understand how it works to get a boat where you need to be… and on rivers like the ones i run, there are times where your margin of error is pretty slim and your need to be within a few feet is really quite dire. i know that you understand this after our river adventure this summer! your hubby was quite spectacular! (from the latin meaning “fun to watch”)
    I am really blessed to have parents who are so supportive of my career and lifestyle, they see it makes me happy and so they’re happy for me. i have many river rat friends and acquaintances who cannot say the same of their families…

  3. I wonder if they would get it if you showed them a video (make sure it’s one with people tipping over in Class V’s lol). It is hard work. Even if it wasn’t for reading the river and making decisions, it is still hard on your body to paddle that much, etc. Haha well I had been rafting a few times before–Idk if I ever told you I had actually considered guiding myself after college before I got melanoma my last year and decided a job where I was constantly in the sun was probably not the best idea–but yes he did make you work. I’m glad at least he was entertaining lol. That is good that your parents are supportive. My mom doesn’t even like us to go rafting so I doubt she would have been thrilled but my dad always had fun on the trips and probably would have been okay with it. That’s unfortunate their families aren’t supportive but at least they’re still out there doing what they want to do.

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