have i mentioned that i HATE this driver thing? probably not yet with this vehemence.
yeah SHIT SHOW would be the best descriptor for the evening i’ve had. 2 deliveries, the first of which on the completely other side of town from where i was (that couldn’t be helped) i called to confirm the order, per protocol, they didn’t get it. call dispatch, they fax it again. a little while later i arrive at the restaurant, still no order. so i call dispatch again, they fax again…. no go. so i get the order myself from dispatch over the phone.  head out when food’s ready. mind you i google map the directions for every order, sent me to the wrong area entirely. finally find the place. (i’ve called the custy to inform them of the delay) guy is a total jerk. oh, AND i hadn’t been informed that it was a COD order. perfect.
immediately get another order, think to myself, ‘great!  i can make some money on this one, i know where it is, know where the apt is… good to go’ WRONG. get to the restaurant, food isn’t ready, i forgot to confirm the F!@*&# order. so i wait 20 minutes, food’s finally ready, drop it off… guy was understanding….
at this point i have decided for certain, this shit is a joke. NOT worth it at all. i don’t care, therefore this shouldn’t be stressful. F this. i’ll take 12 year old boy scouts down class V, in the snow, over this any day!

as i leave, i read 8:49 on my phone, i’m off at 9pm (little do i know, my phone reset its clock on me again, thankfully no more orders to deal with.)
…so i head back toward Heather’s, where until getting a delivery, i had been having a nice night.  need gas so i stop, takes me 4 trys to get the pump to work.
stop for fast food because my stomach is imploding, pull out of the parking lot in the direction i need to go, there’s a concrete margin blocking me getting on the right side of the road. i have to go 70 yards the wrong way in a one way to get out of the road. DUDE. GAME OVER. im not putting up with this anymore. i cant be bothered to work for a company that, A: isnt giving me any work, B: is causing me to spend as much in gas as i’m making, and C: can’t get it’s shit together. i should have gone to the mall for a job.

and here we are…. my fast food is kicking in… i’m no longer shaking with a combination of low blood sugar and rage… and its ACTUALLY after 9 now. thank God!  i’ll think of something more pleasant to tell you about tomorrow, i promise.

Luna Moth at the Guide House
(a nice memory of a stress free evening)

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  1. I am sorry it is going so badly for you. That’s pretty shitty. They should have something in the customer’s order that makes it clear it’s dependent on the restaurant having the food ready before you pick it up. As far as spending money on gas, if you are using your personal vehicle for deliveries I am pretty sure they have to reimburse you for gas or pay you X amount per mile, something. If they won’t do that then yeah you probably are better off getting a job elsewhere. You can’t be expected to sit around all day on call for free and then have to pay to go get paid. On the upside there are things you can do while waiting like CloudCrowd and I’m sure there are some similar sites where you could kill time and make some money while you wait.

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