i currently lack short term motivation.
i have every intention of going to bed at a reasonable hour… then find myself on the computer til 3 in the morning or later. this of course results in my sleeping late.
i feel tired all the time… i need to do something active… i wish i had packed my rollerblades… i could take my Shelby for a roll… she pulls me a couple miles at full sprint, then when she gets tired, i pull her back home. good workout for both of us.

i’m so excited for this road trip coming up… i’m trying my damnedest to save my money for it. i know i can make it everywhere i’ve planned, at least i think i can, but i’m really hoping to be able to be financially comfortable for the trip too! i’m going to try a temp agency tomorrow i think, hopefully get some work right quick to pad my pockets a little.  … i hate money. it’s a real shame that silly little slips of paper and chunks of nickel can rule our lives. i have successfully managed to be quite low stress about it lately, but it’s still on my mind.

the sofa i am currently sitting on… while not the prettiest in the world (i think its pretty cool, myself) is uber comfortable…. i really want to curl up and take a nap… but i’m in  a coffee shop between deliveries. (not that being in a coffee shop has always stopped me from curling up for a nap) well potentially between deliveries. i’m not holding my breath.  i know, i know, yeah, i’m still doing this stupid delivery thing that i whined about last night…. but i’m only here another 2 or so weeks… i may as well keep it for now… until i find something better anyway…. (which will be anything that pays me more that $20 a night)

so there is a cute girl sitting in the easy chair next to me… a guy just walked over to talk to her, his ice breaker, “excuse me, are you studying theology?”     i couldn’t help but think that this was an awfully creative pickup line…. incidentally, this is the 3rd guy who’s come over to talk to her in the half hour that i’ve been here.   i’ve made a friendly comment here and there… i cant help but think that she might suspect that i’m hitting on her too… Boise does have a very relaxed view on the gay community, and i am sitting here in jeans, shearling booties and a slightly large wva adventures shirt with my very short messy hair and no makeup…. no doubt i’m looking a little butch. haha

my adventures of late have been a bit tame… i think a run to some hot springs while to moon is large is in order….maybe tomorrow… i’m not on the schedule to hurry up and wait tomorrow…. rest assured, i will take my camera… and maybe a bag o wine….

here’s a fond memory to tide you over til next time…

 i had the opportunity to take my little sister on a trip down the Cheat canyon this summer. generally, the river is dry by the end of May… not entirely, but enough so you don’t really want to take rafts down because well… carrying a raft over wet rocks for more than the distance from the river bank to the water is kinda not so fun.
ANYHOO… we had a wonderfully long season this year and in July my sister came to Albright (northern wva) to play on her way  back to the New and Gauley in southern wva (where i would be joining her a week later).  the water level was a beautiful level for surfing, around 2.3 feet. not terribly technical for the most part, a few spots where you definitely need to be on your game, but for the most part… surf city with play spots around every bend.

my sister, working the surf at the top of Decision rapid. 

the view upstream of a tributary which still has signs of the acid mine runoff that once made the cheat river sterile.
the orange rocks are coated in iron ore which seeped into the streams near the mines

we spent a lot of time surfing… too much maybe… at the bottom of a rapid (name escapes me at the moment) where we ran our raft up on the rock…. when i call a high side, i automatically yell get on the rock (customers then understand the first time that they need to go to the rock they never get out of the boat, they’re scared to.) my sister is a river guide, so when i said get on the rock, she did. completely. and the raft slid down and around the rock… leaving her sitting on a boulder in the middle of the river… in the fading light. being the end of the day, and having learned that R-2ing with my sister was probably not my best idea ever…. i considered leaving her there. but there is an eddy just down stream and it didn’t take us long to get her back to the boat… incidentally, it did result in a swim for her… common sense left her for a moment and the river gods took a taste. haha

this guy, my good buddy, with whom i work with on the canyon, paddled with us that day, he was in a duckie (inflatable kayak) this is him preparing for the worst while my sister sits on the rock waiting for us to tell her the plan of action.

we made it down the river, although the final few rapids, all class II mostly shallow shoals we did in near total darkness… i ran by the very faintly visible contrast of whitewater against black, and by the sound of the ripples breaking against the rocks. my sister paddled the duckie behind us, we decided it was time to break up the band, she can’t follow directions from me… hehehe… weird.

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  1. I need to be more active as well, especially as I’m unemployed. I am probably going to retry Insanity in January and possibly follow it up with P90X.

    If you’re looking for some extra cash I occasionally do work for CloudCrowd. It’s free to join and is through a facebook app. You have to take credential tests for any of the decent gigs. Writing and marketing pay the most/have the most work (or did last I was on it). Editing is hit or miss but it doesn’t pay badly for the fact the assignments are only about 300 words at a time. I made about $130 one month just from doing work I could do while watching television (and could have made more if I’d done more). It’s hit or miss as they don’t always have much and it depends on if you are on when the assignments are posted but at least it’s something, and they pay daily through paypal. If you’re sitting in a coffee shop with wifi and a laptop you can do it between orders ;-). I actually need to get back to it since I haven’t found a job yet in Germany and I dislike having to rely on my husband’s income. Anyhow if you’re interested here my referral link: http://www.cloudcrowd.com/i/9u8qqd

    Pretty river pics. I miss being near pretty water. There is a river here but it’s pretty brown and since it’s cold I haven’t been on it. But at least there’s a lot of other cool stuff to see.

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