So yesterday I got caught up in memories and said nothing about my day… lately… this really wouldn’t be a big deal, but I actually got to be part of something pretty darn cool. 
There was an event yesterday that had been in the works for some time, a wrap party. 
This party was held, and hundreds showed up to wrap Christmas presents for local families in need. 
For the past month or so the donated gifts have been gathered and split up by family just waiting to get the icing added to the cake. 
Walk in and there are a ton of people all over the room, decorative paper and ribbon everywhere, bows stuck to peoples’ heads. Everyone is laughing and carrying on while taking care of families who don’t even know whats coming. Against one wall is a beautiful turquoise bicycle, leather seat, carrying rack, shiny fender with a big red bow.  We wrapped loads of toys an games, clothes and shoes. Everything picked out special for someone who needs it. 
Cookies and hot cocoa were donated by the coffee shop next door, a cash bar set up in the corner. And once the work was done, gifts wrapped and ribbon’d, piles of gifts stacked in the balcony, sorted by family, A local band, The Naughtys, took the stage to continue the festivities for everyone doing something nice.  

Well… thats a wrap for yesterday. today, I really didn’t do anything worth mentioning… 
except for cooking up some carnitas… yum!  

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