so… i havent posted in a couple days cuz… welll… nothing’s been going on really…
lots of watching dr who and crocheting beermuffs…. a few deliveries… thats about it…

guy in charge of foodto you called me yesterday, told me i will have priority when it comes to choice of shifts because i’m reliable. now, while i try to be reliable as much as possible when i am doing a job… i ahvent told him yet about my roadtrip… that was the whole deal with the temp job was i have to keep my excitement for january contained… for the interview… i kinda feel bad, but being scheduled for 6 days a week hasnt been doing me really any good… i think ive made 8 deliveries in the last 7 days… and today i was on and never got a call. i’m just going to write him an email tomorrow and let him know, hey, i’m done come dec 29th. thanks alot, i appreciate the attempt at giving me a bunch of work… but maybe going from 1 driver to 6 drivers was a little ambitious.
 it’s up to him if he replaces me when i leave… but being technically a private contractor, i’m hoping next time i’m in boise, if i need to make a couple bucks i can pick up a shift or two. and he’;s a really nice guy, i really hope things do pick up like he thinks they will!.
well, i dont have much else to say… i’m gonna crash because i have a one time gig that’s actually going  to pay me tomorrow… i’m selling merch at the big potato bowl, college football…. Ohio University vs Utah State… i made lots of beermuffs for both sides.. hopefully i can sell them and make even more cash!

oh and i am getting really excited about the roadtrip! i was talking to my travel buddy… we’re going to meet in vegas to save some mileage and add days to the fun without having to backtrack.. this cuts out cali for me… but thats okay… it’ll save us some extra cash which we decided to use as a splurge to go see cirque du soleil!yay!
we’re gonna get all dressed up and go to the show then spend the rest of the night being pretentious. should be fun! hopefully i can find affordable doggy daycare while we’re there. there  are some that are outrageous! each doggie suite has high def color tv with cable… dude its nuts. i love my dog, but she doesnt need that silliness! just feed her, walk her, let her run in the enclosure… she’s good to go! $40 a night for dog boarding… astounding

i’ll leave you with memories of an adventure which i will describe some other time because i’m sleepy now… 

my travel buddy and me relaxing with a couple beers after setting anchors and hanging my hammock between the undercuts in Canyon Doors on the Lower Gauley River, WV

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