So I haven’t been on here as much lately…. Mostly because I’ve been kind of boring of late… And well, I feel like I’d bore you with recounts of my days of lazing about on the computer and crocheting while watching Dr who re-runs online.
I did finally got my store up and running! It is called InspirationVaries. (click on it to go there!) .. not much of my work on there just yet, but I do have the Beer Muffs available now, I encourage custom color requests (gives me direction)! I’ll be making some fancy ones in the next few days as well… found some pretty cool yarns for a really good price!    I will be updating the site soon with jewelery I’ve made and some of my hand painted silks… and eventually some note cards with my photography (I’d really like to do these on hand made paper… but that fancy might have to wait til spring when I’ll be  in one place long enough for paper pulp to dry. 
So far, I’ve sold about a dozen beer muffs! (thanks to some wonderful friends!) none through etsy yet, but i have paypal working now so that just makes it easier since it’s connected.  But the venue through which i sell them doesn’t so much matter, what matters is it adds to my small stack of gas money for the upcoming road trip! I am confident that I can get to everywhere I want to go… but it would be awfully nice to have a little extra for adding to the adventures… I am pretty good at living on the cheap… and living well at that… but somethings you just have to shell out a little chunk for.
For example, I am meeting my good friend Trevor in Las Vegas in a few weeks. Originally, the plan was to pick him up in California… but we wanted to camp one night on the rim of the Grand Canyon so we decided in the interest of having more time to play before I have to get him to school in DC, he’s flying to Vegas (which i would have to drive through anyway to get to him). Initially, we had some really extravagant plans…just for one night…  We were going to get all sorts of dolled up, get tickets to Cirque du Soleil. Go out for Dinner at some big fancy restaurant, then wander the shops and try on outrageously expensive jewelery. Later we would stand around the game tables (I envisioned crapps) whilst drinking from martini glasses…. Overall we wanted to be as pretentious as we possibly could. It was even suggested by one friend that Trevor wear a top hat and monacle. (which we both agreed would be a fabulous idea) 
But then I re-calculated the cost of gas…. and while we could probably pull it off… we would have to live off of ramen noodles for the rest of the trip. So… We’re still going to be pretentious. but we’ll probably share an appetizer at the fancy restaurant. go see all of the free shows along the strip… still dress up and act silly… and of course order drinks in the casinos that come in martini glasses. but we’re going to do it as cheaply as we can. and we’re going to have a blast with it! And you know I’ve been watching groupon for cheap tickets to cirque or half off dinner or something…. Regardless, it will be an adventure! Trevor is predicting us getting arrested…
While I’m sure we’re capable of it, I’m inclined to think there are going to be others around that will be far more rowdy than us… At least I hope so! (mom, be ready…just in case… hopefully they’ll take bail via debit by phone, it only makes sense that they would in Vegas) 
“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” not this time… I plan to blog about it. 
Oh, and the camera is very durable…and waterproof. 
 On another note. I did mention an Ugly sweater party the other night… I am proud to say, i was told many times that I may have won the contest with my creation. You want ugly? I’ll give you ugly…
I know, not a frontal photo of the sweater… but I’m busy sampling Amber’s schweddy holiday balls .  
 Well tomorrow is a day of finishing up my Christmas present project and hopefully not nursing sickness. My poor roomie has been sick for the past week, she’s finally feeling better now.
I’ve had a aireborne every  now and again and I thought that I had made it through scott free…. 
But I’ve got the beginnings of an ominous sinus headache. 
I’ve pounded another airborne, taken some zicam now I’m off to bed at a semi-reasonable hour for the first time in a while. 

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  1. Hurray for sales. I had started an etsy account back in the day to sell my fused glass pendants. Never made any through there either but I think you’re right. It doesn’t really matter where you sell them as long as they get sold.

    Have fun in Vegas. I saw Cirque in Orlando. If I hadn’t gotten a discount through a friend of a friend who worked there I probably couldn’t have afforded it either.

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