I had such a fun night last night! 
And wouldn’t ya know it… 
I was having too much fun to remember to pick up my camera.
 Heather and I went to my new friends’ graduation party at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. 
Very cool….. It’s a museum now… they do tours and such.
One of the twins who graduated, works there, so she was able to use the place for the party. She gave us all a tour in the dark. Awesome. The entire time, as we’re wandering the dark grounds with flashlights getting the cold weather cliffs notes version of the stories, (our host was freezing!) I kept thinking how I should have grabbed my camera ( the group was going out into the yard for the tour just as I was coming in from the car)
 The place is like a maze and I didn’t know how to get back to where the party was centered to grab it. Even if if I did, i wouldn’t be able find the group to meet back up with the tour, or I would have run for it real quick.
And I ran out of time or I would have gone back out to the yard with my camera after the tour. I know it sounds kind of weird, but wandering the old prison in the dark reminded me a little of playing sardines in dark churches in CPM. The eerie way the light comes in through the windows, creating shadows that play with your mind…. I love it, I wish I had been more motivated to get back out there after the tour… but it was awful cold out. and we had the white elephant gift exchange directly after we all came back in. 
The gift exchange was very entertaining. They way this group played is different from how I’ve always done it.
Instead of getting to choose a gift and keeping it wrapped until everyone has one, you unwrap it then the next person has the choice of taking your gift  or opening a new one. But if your gift is taken, you then get to air a grievance toward the person who took your gift. brings an interesting element to the game. 
The way I’ve always played with my family, is you choose a gift (incidentally we all  bring gag gifts), then the next person gets to take yours or another one, and so one… but you leave them wrapped until everyone has one then we open them one at a time from oldest to youngest. So all of the gift stealing is based solely on the wrapping. I always go all out on the wrapping and pretty ribbons to make the game more entertaining.
Anyhoo… I ended up getting a couple of ridiculous reality tv dvd’s. Ones that I really don’t think I’ll even consider watching regardless of how bored I may get. However… I am thinking I’ll bring them to the guide house this spring and leave them in the dvd player just to see the boys’ reactions to them. Fun for me!
Heather had me pick up her gag gift for her… and I wrapped it so she didn’t realized when she chose her own. It did have the exact effect I was hoping for tho. The gift was a bag of long balloons with a pump and instruction book on how to make balloon animals.
 She busted it out at the after party at a fun little dive bar we went to called Willy B’s and we all made inflatable critters while we drank delightful cocktails, like the Pretentious Caucasian (made with soy chai instead of milk, yum!), and hot buttered rum, and  took turns singing kareoke. 
My Christmas Eve has been kinda slow… Going to hang with a friend in a little while.
My roomies left for their family dinner… 
I wasnt really feeling up to someone else’s family chaos… I miss my own… 
While they’re gone, I’m decorating thw house! hehehe fun!
Merry Christmas!

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