Well, My last week in Idaho was quite fun, overall. 
 I don’t remember if I blogged about Christmas… I think I did… but did I post pics? 
Grama-C and the loverly treat arrangement she put out to go with our mimosas
Heather, modelling her gift from me, Hat and beard. She’s spent the past weeks showing it to everybody!


Hit up Pine Flats hot springs one night.(took the camers but it was too dark and the flash only showed mist)
Got to experience a very strange driving phenominon on the way back.  It had snowed while we were off the road, and being a faily low traffic area we had first tracks… Which sounds cool, but when it’s snowing hard, with big flakes, and you’re getting that Startgate effect where you have trouble focusing past the snow because having it fly past you in a tunnel like effect is so mesmerizing….Yeah, it’s creepy because without tracks from other cars to give me point of reference, it felt like i wasn’t moving. if i had been on a long, wide, straight road, that would have been really cool. But I was on a narrow, winding mountain road with a cliff on one side and a precipice on the other. It was kinda scary! oh and my ABS is out because my snow chains caught and ripped the wire loose. It took all of 3 seconds for me to turn on 4wd when i hit the snow.
The next day, I had a run in with Drew Barrymore While having lunch with a new friend at Bar Gernika, a Basque restaurant in downtown Boise. Awesome food, by the way.
Later that night, we had an awesome Sushi Night with Heather, Nick, John and Adam (I forgot the camera…. sorry)… Ate Way too much Sushi while the doggies played.
I felt like you do after thanksgiving…fluffy tummy… but less sleepy. 
I got the fish from a market in town, the fresh Ahi arrived there a few minutes before i did. it must have been meant to be. They even had some of my favorite sushi items, wasabi tobiko, escolar, seaweed salad… i could have easily spent far more than I did! 
We also invented some saki drinks cocktails. we mixed Saki with some of Nick’s amazing homemade Ginger Beer (not for kids) awesome. Then we tried it with the pineapple infused saki i made. YUM.
Next day, Heather and I had a friend date and saw the Muppet movie. it was fantastic. It did make me miss puppeting… I would love to be a proppeteer for muppets! make and control the tertiary puppets… like the talking  vegetables in the sweedish chef’s kitchen or things like the eyeball fungus on the walls of the Labyrinth…. How fun would that be?! maybe one day… 
Anyhoo.. We followed the movie with a shared stuffed crepe and italian soda across the way then went on a search to find the perfect yarn for my beard. I’ll post the pics when it’s done…
(Heather’s wearing hers above)
Met up with some friends for a beer and a snack, but only hing out for a bit before we all decided we were tired and parted ways…
I went home and packed up my stuff to tetris into the car in the morning. 
Of course, I woke up and it was raining…. ah well.. packed my stuff up and went to trash Nick’s kitchen one more time… 
I had a cake to bake… so I made 2, I mean how could I make Sick watch (and smell) me making this delicious dark chocolate and candied orangepeel cake and not let him try some?  plus we had a party to go to! what better way to get a group of culinary guinea pigs?  
Cake finished, we headed over to Jeremy’s for Poker night…. I can’t help but with my ex had been there…. not so much because i miss him… definitely not that. merely that… well… somehow, even tho he’s quite a good poker player, I always beat him.  I was first one out of the game this time…. twice.  but with the variety of excellent home brews and rare beers that our gracious host served, I would say, $10 is a very small price to pay for such a fun night! and besides, i got knocked out of the game on good hands, one was 2 pair, the other was a full house! I played well…. i think… 
Woke up this morning on Jeremy’s futon ready to roll. somehow, I am not hungover! WOO!
View of the game thru my beer… one of many delicious brews this evening.
Photographing photographers…. fun! not really sure what was going on here…
I’ve been on the road for a couple of hours and stopped for lunch. Next stop, Utah! New Year’s Bday party for the lovely Jess and a week of fun with some of my favorite people including my lil sis!
BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!  I need padding when i crash on skis! hahaha
The first of many ‘Drive By Shootings” to come… Crossing the Snake River.
More updates to come soon… and i have already started using my camera again so there will be visual stimulation as well!  

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