Happy New Year!!
So overall, I would have to say, 2011 was a pretty fantastic year for me. 
My resolution had been to not settle for less than exactly what i want and/or not limit myself.  I feel like I did a reasonably good job at sticking to it. In fact, a repeat of the resolution is currently in the running for 2012. Along with it are ideas such as: “be more decisive”, “quit chewing my nails(been trying this for decades)”, and “stop sugarcoating”…. perhaps a combination of all of the above….
So, is everybody ready for the end of the world?? 
Yeah, I don’t so much buy into the idea. I’m more inclined to believe it to be when the earth hits the begining of it’s orbit in the galaxy. Merely a beginning of a new galactic year.  I really don’t see much changing down on out little planet as far as cataclysmic events…. Business as usual. 
However, that isn’t to say I will refrain from my adventuring. 
Oh, nono no no! 
missed it when i hit 100k on my odometer… but it happened on the way to UT, i have proof!

Just because it’s not the end of the world doesn’t mean my time isnt short. In the Universal sense, I have merely seconds. And I want to see and doo as much as I possibly can before my time is up!

So I shall continue this blog as I start my new year in new places! 
I attended last night’s traditional festivities at the winter home of some wonderful river rat friends of mine, in Park City, UT.  
WOO! New Year, new State to play in!
It was Jess’s birthday so I made her a fancy birthday cake… which we failed to photograph before we demolished it… but here is a photo of the aftermath. 
the morning after…
it still tastes really good!

                                                I definitely let my inner fat kid out to help!

 It was 4 layers. 2 of confetti cake, 2 of dark chocolate, with orange marmalade inbetween layers to moisten and flavor. 
Then, I topped it with a rich chocolate ganche (homemade of course),hite/dark chocolate curls and candied orange peel. 
Flavor-wise, it was up there with my cousin’s wedding cake i made a few years ago… (that one was dark chocolate raspberry and rum).  I shall continue this hobby!
This party was a blast, just lots of fun people hanging out, chatting and laughing over a few drinks. Half the group, people I’ve known for a while, i work with them in WV. The rest, friends of friends or new aquaintences, adopted into the group via a roomate search. But just a fantastic group of upbeat fun people.

A toast! …in any clean glass we can find. 

 Just after midnight, a neighbor came over and crashed our party for a few minutes…some of us assumed, by his outfit that he was a late night mormon visitor…But actually he came in order to invite us to come to his party, right across the back yard! 
Unfortunately, i forgot to take my camera ofer there because they had a really fun theme, it was a 60’s party, everyone was dolled up retro, there were fabulous munchies, a couple guys in the kitchen shaking martinis for everyone.  A bunch of us went and ended up making more new friends and just having a great time, dancing and cavorting until people started to trickle out, headed back to their condos or to waiting cabs. Super nice neighbors, my friends have! 
Woke up this morning, amazingly, I wasn’t hurting too bady. Altho this was not the norm for the house. Some folks had to work, and stumbled into clean clothes and out the door… Jess, I believe, mentioned still feeling drunk when she left… ouch.  Those of us still in the house when I got up, did a little tidying up and made some breakfast together. waffles with eggs and sausage… not a bad start to the new year! Looks like the rest of the day will be pretty chill… most of the house is currently napping…. 
I’m thinking a post depicting a month by month of my year 2011 may be in order… I think I’ll spend the afternoon trying to narrow down the pictures I’ll show you…

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