So… Here we are! It has been a VERY busy month! 
Since New Years Eve, I have traveled about 5,500 miles. 
I’ve had very little access to the internet, hence my lack of updates. Now, I’ve had internet for a week and I’m overwhelmed by the number of stories to tell and I don’t want to detail you to death with all of them. 
So, I have decided to do this more as a photo journal. I’m chosing the pictures I want to show you, then giveing them captions. Please, If you are interested in more of the story surrounding a photo or adventure, tell me! I will be happy to elaborate, a little direction is really helpful! 
It will take me a few posts to get updated so I guess we’ll just start where I left off last time. 
Still in Park City, Utah, my adventures continued….
Nothin but class!
We decided to go out to a bar to play some pool… good times ensue.

My cute lil sis zoned out on whatever is playing on the TV behind my head… 
Notice the choppers, we found out the sushi bar upstairs serves rolls for half price from 10 to 11pm. 
We were unable to resist the deliciousness.  I was to concerned with eating it to take a pic of the sushi. 
I found myself on a trail that was steeper than this picture gives it credit for.
 Having been over a decade since I’d been on skis, I feel like I did pretty darn well!
View of the reservoir/lake from a double blue trail at Deer Valley. 

I am so graceful!  look at me! I’m not laying in the snow!

Another Great view from Deer Valley.
Too bad you could see some much brown..
Shortly after I left Utah, as I predicted, they finally got the snow they’d been praying for.
Another shot of me feelin’ styley on skis! Oooh, hockey stop! Fancy!
I stopped into the tuning shop to pay Jess a visit, only to find her inside the edging machine…
She came out looking sharp.
Ahem… It was tune the tuning machine day. 
Later that evening, I rolled down the hill to SLC to see  some more of my favorite people
Here’s Lara at the Russian Christmas party she took me to.
Lara and I rolled up the hill to Brighton to meet Mark as he finished his grooming shift.
First time snowboarding this year for me, and we got 5 niches of fresh powder to play in, hooray!
I got brand new bindings for my board, this being the inaugural run for them, one of them broke at the top of the hill on what became my last run. Fortunately, it was just a ladder strap, so an easy fix, but annoying none-the-less.
But we had a great time! 

Mark, Intently trying to do something on his fancy smartphone…
I really dont remember what it was he was doing, but  like how this picture came out!
Heading back up to ‘Heathen Hill’, as the Mormons call  Park City…
Hoping these clouds will mean more snow, they unfortunately did not.
Shelby and Alulah snuggling and sharing Shelby’s bed as I work to get my stuff together to get back on the road.

A couple of cute bitches snuggled up for the night… I am still packing at this point.
It takes me forever to pack because I get distracted easily…

 I will leave you with those for now… My plan is to post more tomorrow! Now that I’ve started, I should be able to catch up! enjoy! and like I said, please, let me know if you want to hear extra stories in between!!

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