More updates!!!
So we left off and I was back in Park City… 
Did another day or so of skiing, packed up my stuff and got ready to go…. 
Next stop, Steamboat!! 
The plan was to kidnap Jess and take her with me to visit our friend Josh in Colorado, (that part happened!)
 Brian ,charming two bitches, even though he was too hungover to go skiing with me.

Headed up the mountain for my last run at Deer Valley 

So, by the time Jess got off work, and i finished packing the car, we got a bit of a late start…
Finally on the road, we pass Park City resort on the way out of town.
oooh… ahhh…. 

My kidnap victim…
Josh didn’t know that Jess was coming to Steamboat with me, the plan was to call 5 minutes away, then hide with the camera while Jess knocked on the door.
We ended up meeting him at a bar… but we rolled up rockin out to some Salt-n-Peppa!
He loved his surprise! 

Quick stop, just across the border of Utah and Colorado…
Obviously the park was closed, but photo op was necessary nonetheless.
I got back into the car and sat on my phone, 10 miles later, we did a U-turn because we couldn’t hear it ringing when Jess called it for me… turns out I just had no service. 

One view from inside the hottub… good way to start a weekend!

Downtown Steamboat, viewed from Josh’s hottub. 

Hope you enjoyed this update! more to come soon! Please drop a comment if you want to hear more detailed stories on any of the pics!

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