Todays installment of Vicariously Thru Me takes place in Steamboat, Colorado. 
Okay, that was far too official.  anyhoo… 
Here are some pictures from my adventures with Josh and Jess
Ro-Sham-Bo night…
You play rock, paper, scissors with the bartender, if you win, your drink is free.
I won a couple rounds…. had a couple more bought for me… yeah, fun night.

Jess and I actually started the night a few doors down.
It was happy hour, we got there just as it got started, we met up with  Brennan, who we work with in WV.
His lady, Catherine,  joined us just as I was leaving the bar to take the car back to Josh’s place.
We had driven into town to wandered the shops and have the full tour until Josh went to work, then, “TO THE BAR!”
After 2 Pints of Colorado beer, (following over a week n Utah where beer is 3.2%) I decided it was time to go park the car and ride the bus back.  If I had another beer, it wouldn’t have been an option.
Once I rejoined the group, we moved on down the street and parted until Josh joined us, then some more!
Yeah… I hurt a little the next morning…

 So we decided the time had come to head home, we were all sufficiently smashed, myself, FAR MORE than usual… Walk out the door… IT’S SNOWING!!!  The natives and tourists, alike, dancing in the street.

Jess, failing to see the irony in her making an angel… hehe it was in the street.
Shortly after she got up, a cop pulled up and rolled down his window.
“Look, I know you’re excited, I get it, I do. But do me a favor guys, stay out of the street.”
Josh shook his hand and assured him that we would.  
The man in the snow… happy boy!

That night, after the bus ride, all gets a bit blurry… the pictures were too, hehehe…
I vaguely remember using my dog as a pillow for a while…
 I do know I broke my not drinking to the point of being sick rule…Whiskey… UGH… yeah, didn’t want that for a while.
Woke up in pain, but not as much as you’d think.
The snow we got amounted to about an inch and a half… bummer…
By noon we were headed to the mountain anyway. It was bitter cold out, and the conditions were icy, but it was woth it.
I was kind of off  my game, for obvious reasons, couldn’t seem to find my rhythm on a snowboard… I felt like a grouchy toddler most of the day, which pissed me off, hence the vicious mental cycle ensued…
The T-bar, a local bar on the mountain,  where we had lunch was amazing tho. That helped…
We went back to the house to warm up and a nap in front of the fireplace helped me alot too.
Later it was time for the traditional Wed night bonfire I’d been hearing so much about. Hooray!

It starts… there is a HUGE pile of pallets behind me…

Who doesn’t love a little fire dancing?  Good thing carharts are flame retardant.

Moon Rise over the mountain… looks pretty full. 

Pallet pyramids, the challenge of the evening… that and keeping your feet warm.
It was in the negatives this night… good thing we had a fire to rotisserie by!

Building the largest stack of the night, 7 pallets

(for like 5 minutes)

Now that’s a fire!
Evidently, the fire department, could see our fire from their HQ… but they knew it was wednesday.

fun with reflections

The fire’s trying to eat the moon!

Slow-Mo Snow Melt

This is really what the walk back after the fire looked like.
Maybe Steamboat is Magic afterall…

Josh was a fantastic host, Jess, a terrible buffer… and Good times were had by all.
Next morning, bagels and then headed back to Park city…
 I decided to forego Denver for lack of time and limited funds… I’ll make it back there eventually.

As always, for more details into the stories, post a comment!
See you when I share the next part of the adventure!!

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