When we left off, our intrepid heroes were walking back for a huge bonfire in the brutal cold….
So then next morning, hehe… morning… yeah, thats when it was…
Anyhoo, we said our goodbyes and got hugs from Josh, 
Visited a bagel psychic who made amazing avocado and sundried tomato creamcheese, 
Then we hit the road.
“The road” just outside of Steamboat, next stop, liquor store before we cross the state line so we can take some good beer back to Utah. 

Turbodog! checkin out the Colorado foothills/countryside. 

WTF is ths guy doing? oh, and they were going like 65mph!

 Anytime we saw the word “dinosaur” Jess and I were inclined to yell it at the top of our lungs.
We were excited because we realized we had time to stop and check the park out on the way back to Park City
See, originally, the plan was Jess would ride to Steamboat with me, then I would go on to Denver, and she would catch the bus back to Park City, I decided to forgo a single day in Denver, when my next stop from there was Vegas, and instead took Jess back home, after a stop at DINOSAUR! national Monument druning the day.

I mean… Utah!

Are we there yet?

One word comes to mind here…
Yep, got a ticket… 80 in a 65…. ah well…

The Utah side is where the bones are. we stopped on the Colorado side,(the sign we took pics by a few days prior)
No bones there. and the visitor center is only open during summer…
This side is open year round and is pretty cool!

Well for some reason the memory of who this guy was eludes me…
a casting of one of the most complete skeletons they found here,
The actual skeleton is at the Carnegie Natural History Museum in Pittsburgh.

Allosaur vs baby Stegosaurus there is a reason you don’t find many baby dinosaur skeletons.
This is the most complete baby stego fossil they’ve found… The mural helpfully depicts why.
Can you imagine the look on a little kid’s face when they make the placement connection here?
Now imagine it on my face… no, I actually laughed really hard when i realized what was going on here.
But I’m twisted. 

Allosaur trifecta!
The one in the Mural looks like he’s seen a ghost!
The Fossil Quarry… Totally Real, they just built a building around it to protect the findings… So neat!
Off the road thru the monument, there are lots of hiking trails, many of which  take you to Petroglyph sites.


Campground and Boater’s access…The takeout to the Green River I believe…
I’m gonna work here… it’s gonna be my river takeout… I can feel it.
Real soon… like, this summer soon. YEAH!
no, really.

A few hours after dark, we arrived back in park city, safe and sound, with stories to tell.
The next day I would spend driving… for 11 hours…
And so, my adventures in Utah would come to an end for now…
But you can’t start one adventure before you finish the last!

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