Leaving a lack of snow behind

Finally headed out of the lands of snow…. not that i saw much of it….
 But I had such a great time with my ski bum friends!
 My prayer, as I drove south, was for the snow to come pounding down shortly after my departure. 
2 weeks later, they finally got it!
By then, I was back east with even more adventures under my belt. 
I think it’s time I got around to sharing those.
So I left Utah headed for southern California…
Ten and a half hours before stops…
The plan, pick up my good friend Trevor and cause some trouble in Vegas.
On the road again…

For once, the scenic route is actually faster… well relatively…
I mean, how much difference does 30 minutes make when you’re driving 11+hours?
Self portrait reflected in my super hi-tech GPS/stereo system… my laptop.
One of the more interesting of the hundreds of construction sites I’ve seen this year.

Never did get a clear shot of a sign… but the speed limit driving south across Utah fluxed between 70 and 80mph…
Hooray! Cruising at an ever decreasing altitude…
Took me just over one tank of gas to cross nearly the whole  massive state!
Thank You Gravity!
But the guy next to the building can pee on the wall?

My post sunset view… it varied a little bit… but yeah… alot of this. 

I’m in Baker California, self proclaimed gateway to Death Valley.
gas is $4+/gal… and I’ve got a leak. crap.
Well the power steering’s been whining…
I am 100% sure that it isn’t oil, brake, or tranny fluid so it must be the power steering… right??
I checked all the levels, everything seems fine… Car isn’t acting weird at all…
So I let it go…. in 2 days, I will learn my mistake.

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