So…. I am going to catch us the rest of the way up… I swear! 
So… lets see… I drove to SoCal from Park City in one day…
Finally made around 11:30pm pacific. That’s a long drive 80 mph speed limit included. 
Trevor met me at the car with a big hug! 
We spent a little while chatting with his hilarious boss lady and a glass of wine.
Then we went back to his house where I met his parents and had another chat… and another glass of wine. 
Wine-ding down was nice.
We hung out a little while before going to bed and sleeping til noon… mountain time. 
A top down in the sunshine convertible tour of Trevor’s hometown,
 followed by a delicious breakfast with Trevor’s parents at a cool little cafe made for a relaxing morning. 
Then we repacked the car and got on the road… next stop, Vegas!
So here’s our cast and crew for the remainder of the road trip. 

Look, I’m not driving!!!!!
Finally able to take pictures from the road
without fear of collision.
After 10 hours the day before, Shelby is less that enthused for more. 

The newest addition to our adventures, Trevor.
This is who I was looking forward to kidnapping…
…and dreading getting arrested with. 
California Mountains… Trevor claims they’re real mountains… I don’t know if i believe him. 
OOOhh trains and windmills!  I love windmills!

More windmills! Theres millions of ’em! well… thousands.

In search of whitewater… the sign said it would be here somewhere!

Woo!! we found whitewater!  not much mind you, but we found it! 
Danger will robinson!
actually, we’re kinda hoping for a flashflood! 
Who gets to see a hot air balloon?? This kid!

More Balloon! I was pretty stoked.

Next stop, Vegas!
You won’t get all the details… but you’ll get some.

by the way, if you’re wondering why its taking me so long to catch up… it’s not because i’m too busy with adventures… it’s mostly because i’m lazy. and distracted.

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