i keep saying i’m going to catch up… to be honest… at this point, i dont really feel like it.
i have had a month and a half at home, working for dad and mostly being bored at home.  i’m looking forward to getting back on the river next week.

traveling cross country with trevor was fantastic. we had a great time. managed to neither get arrested or married in vegas! we even ended up leaving in the positive when it came to gambling. it was cancelled out by 2 extra days in vegas due to car trouble but we had alot of fun.
i didnt take much by way of photos there, but i will post a few that i did take.
lately i havent been real inspired to do my normal photography, but i feel like thats because i’ve been at home. theres little novelty, and the feeling of it’s always here, why take a picture… i dont know. i’m in  afunk, i guess.

trevor came to visit while on spring break and we had some fun playing hometown tourist in cleveland.

well… I’m now procrastinating my packing process by writing for you 🙂 above you see my mess.
actually, watching Sherlock is what  slows me the most.
back to WV in the mornng. gotta get back to it. new adventures will be posted soon!

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